So am I a blogger yet?

Today, I woke up and first thought was…Oh no! The bug got me!

I spend the morning in bed, feeling like a Nyquil commercial as the sun peeked in reminding me that it is a long time until night.

Just me and my laptop, oh what to do while sick and bored?  Caught up on Facebook Inbox messages, some months or more old! Came upon one more recent where I had contacted a fellow suffer of dystonia who blogs & poof light bulb goes off that she had suggested wordpress to me. Yes, I have been meaning to blog for some time but always seem to get busy doing other things.

Funny how the common cold can knock us on our behinds. While somehow we keep on keeping on with other illnesses tagging along like a annoying younger kid.

For about 11 plus years now, I have had blepharospasm along on my journey…benign essential blepharospasm to be exact. It is a rare neurological disorder, a dystonia…I say ‘a’ as their are many types…and I also have some of those trying sneak along as well. The neurons in my brain are misfiring and the result is a incomplete signal to my muscles.

So what happens is my eyes spasm to the point of making me functionally blind. It can be unpredictable. Fine one minute and feeling my way along the next. The walls and I are not strangers, I’ve said excuse me to them on a number of occasions. As long as they don’t speak back to me, I at least know my cognitive functions are alright!

As the day has now turned to night, I think it is Nyquil time…I wonder if that is on the No-No list? Yes, there is a long list of meds, products etc. to be avoided with dystonia.

Oh well, what bothers some does not bother all. That much I do know. Just as what helps me my not do a dang thing for others.  To each his/her own! I self experiment alot…more on that another time.

Caffeine is on the No-No list and you better believe this girl drinks a Starbucks every chance I get! Funny as I was never a coffee drinker before the big D.

Oh well, off now to get all jacked up on Nyquil! ;D






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